FESTIVAL 2016/2017


KRAFTA DOC, Art Making Film Festival is the first international documentary film festival about making art.

We love makers. We are fascinated to know where things come from. In a world of great change and fast information, we wanted to stop to listen to the voices of those who work in the world of art, design and architecture.

KRAFTA DOC loves people who change the world with their own hands, their own ideas and their own dreams.

Behind the materials there is history and memory, a lively network of partnerships and professions, a commitment, very often lived as a vocation.

Documenting the traditions, we will open infinite possible worlds. Reinvigorating the past can create a debate to develop the future.

We have abandoned the need to consume to transform, and using technology we can now store the memory and increase the possibilities for collaboration at an international level.

KRAFTA DOC - INTERNATIONAL - ART MAKING - FILM FESTIVAL 2016/2017 - a project by LLUNA STUDIO, Art Direction & Creative Production, Glasgow - London